Rolf Hoenger

In his role as Area Head for Roche Pharma Latin America, Rolf contributes to regional strategic efforts to advance access to quality healthcare and drive the transformation of health systems towards a more personalized, people-centered approach to care. As an Advisory Board member and one of the co-founders of Movement Health 2030, Rolf leverages his passion for putting people first and helps patients benefit from innovations in healthcare in collaboration with key global health stakeholders. Movement Health 2030 is a global initiative, powered by Roche but soon to be a separate foundation, that works in alliance with partners, including the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies (CIFS) and Board of Innovation (BOI), to spur momentum and cross-sector collaboration in order to build more sustainable and equitable global health systems. Working with healthcare stakeholders across the local, regional and global levels, Movement Health 2030 will deploy on-the-ground innovative solutions to local and regional healthcare challenges, with real impact for patients worldwide.

Beginning his career at Roche Group in 1993 as Market Manager of Central Asia, Rolf founded the company’s operations in this region. He then took his career to Latin America, where he has over twenty years of professional experience. His roles span General Manager for Roche Peru, Colombia and Ecuador; Commercial Development Director for Latin America; Marketing and Sales Manager for Central America and the Caribbean; and, most recently, General Manager of Roche Brazil. His leadership across different regions has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the local complexities that shape health system needs, as well as the socioeconomic value of investing in health, with benefits delivered from the individual to the societal level.

Rolf holds a degree in Economics from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. He is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health from Queen Mary University of London, where he is further refining his expertise in social determinants of health and how policymaking at local, national, and international levels can transform healthcare for all.