Liliana La Rosa

Liliana Del Carmen La Rosa Huertas, former Minister of State in the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion of Peru and National Dean of the College of Nurses of Peru. She has worked as a temporary consultant in 16 Latin American countries for various international organizations. She was part of the Cabinet of Advisers to the Ministers of Health and Education, General Director of Cooperation and International Relations in the Ministries of Health and Employment, also Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Peruvian Agency for International Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has written thirteen books and several articles dedicated to adolescent and youth policies, health reform, cooperation and women's empowerment. She has experience as a university professor and researcher and is active as an activist for fundamental rights. She’s a nurse with a master's degree in Community Health and a Master in Management and Public Policy, Doctorate (c) Anthropology and specialization in International Health.