Candela Cabrera

Magister Candela Cabrera: She has a Degree in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires in Community Social Psychology. She obtained a Master's Scholarship in Science and Technology from the University of Buenos Aires (UBACyT).

She’s a specialist in gender and sexual diversity issues and in the comprehensive approach to gender-based violence.

Since 2020, she has served as Director of Gender and Diversity of the National Ministry of Health.

She was an Assistant Professor and Researcher at the National University of Moreno. In addition, she was a teacher and researcher at the University of Buenos Aires and has been a member of UBACyT Research Projects for more than ten years.

She was a fellow of Projects at the Salud Investiga, Ministry of Health of the Nation.

Candela has an extensive experience in interdisciplinary research with a focus on the following topics: groups and institutions, contemporary modes of subjectivation, psychosocial processes, forms of self-managed organization in the workplace and education. Also in intervention devices and public policies. Currently, she directs the research "Violence, public policies and rights: the tensions between the best interests of the child and the gender perspective". She has served as a Visiting Professor at Master's and Specialization Career seminars.

She’s the author of publications in books, scientific journals and in congressional records and scientific events.